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Ellwood Newsletter – November 2019

Neighbors Can Impact Your Happiness, Study Suggests

Summarized from a Chicago Tribune News Service Story – Neighbors can impact one’s happiness according to a 2018 AARP Foundation study that explored the relationship between loneliness and social connections. Getting to know one’s neighbors can help reduce the former condition. Loneliness plagues 61% of adults aged 45 and older who have never spoken to a neighbor, compared to just 33% of those who have spoken to a neighbor. When people are connected with other people, their levels of happiness increase.

Neighbor relationships can also keep a resident in a neighborhood despite life changes. A couple with a new baby might resist changing residences because their sense of belonging and connection to their neighbors is tangible.

Alex Smith of the Cares Family (UK based) notes “We don’t always like to be around people, but we do always want people around.” Their mission is to reduce loneliness across generational divides in communities. Further, Smith says “Relationships lift us up particularly in times of challenge and change. Somehow our economies have prioritized what’s efficient over what’s important and the spaces for people to interact face-to-face meaningfully, to spend time to pause, reflect and have conversations about their days, these are the ones which are feeling squeezed.”

When you see your neighbors, making eye contact, smiling and saying “hello” will bring about an opportunity to connect with them. I challenge you to be the one to do this and cultivate a friendly neighborhood where people feel they belong. Small gestures can go a long way and most often its the small moments in life that bring us happiness.



Condominiums and Houses Currently for Sale

Status Address Price Beds Baths Sq Ft DOM
pending 475 Reed Ct $949,000 4 2 1789 5

Closed Sales – Condominiums and Houses

Address Sold Price Beds Baths Sq Ft DOM Sale Date
315 Pacific Oaks Rd* $540,000 2 1 951 16 10/28/19
7060 Marymount Way $580,000 2 2 1054 29 09/20/19
401 Cannon Green Dr E* $602,000 3 2 1158 1 10/01/19
7110 Georgetown Rd* $655,000 2 2.5 1411 1 08/12/19
483 Reed Ct $898,750 3 2 1800 3 11/01/19
421 Reed Ct $960,500 4 2 1927 4 10/18/19
317 Pacific Oaks Road* $530,000 2 1 926 28 11/13/19

Median condominium sale price in the Ellwood area Jan.–Nov. 2019: $545,000 (up 5.2% in 2019) – 26 sales

Median home sale price in the Ellwood area Jan.–Nov. 2019: $900,000 (up 7.2% in 2019) – 14 sales

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