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Thinking about selling your home this spring or summer? Here are 10 tips to get started!

Ellwood Real Estate Update March 2020

Thinking about selling your home this spring or summer? Here are 10 tips to get started!

  1. Hide Clutter – Have a garage sale or donate things you won’t need in your next home.
  2. Take Down Personal Photos – Buyers want to envision their family living in a home, not your family.
  3. Do the Dishes – Kitchens are top selling points. Clear countertops, wipe down appliances and make it sparkling clean.
  4. Bathrooms – Remove all personal items from counters, except a single item (soap, candle, etc).
  5. Refrigerator – Take all magnets and personal effects off of your refrigerator.
  6. Closets – Organize and tidy up ALL closets – buyers are nosey and will look in them.
  7. Have Pets? – Ask a friend to give you an honest opinion of whether it smells like Fido.
  8. Sell It – Make a list of your 10 favorite things about the house and leave it for buyers to see.
  9. Plants – Remove dead or dying plants from inside, and trip overgrown landscaping outside.
  10. Furniture – Rearrange and minimize large furniture – make your home an open and welcoming space for potential buyers.

3 Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out

  1. Let There be Light – Turn on all lights and open curtains or blinds to let in as much natural light as possible.
  2. What’s that Smell? – Boil a pot of water with cinnamon sticks and orange peel to make your house smell like home.
  3. Did You Hear That? – Turn on soft music to motivate buyers to linger in the home longer and reduce focus on exterior noise such as traffic, dogs, or vehicles.


Condominiums and Houses Currently For Sale

Status Address Price Beds Baths Sq Ft DOM
For Sale Pacific Oaks Rd * $545,000 2 1 951 2
For Sale Pacific Oaks Rd * $725,000 2 2.5 1411 4
For Sale Freeman Pl Duplex $1,299,000 5 3.5 2744 56
For Sale Cannon Green Dr H * $615,000 3 2 1158 6
Pending Ellwood Beach Dr 16 * $575,000 2 2 1203 25
Pending 7191 Emily Ln * $839,000 3 3 1881 9
Pending La Salle Rd * $855,000 3 3 1881 96
Pending Newport Dr $1,099,000 7 3 2328 8

*indicates condominium

Closed Sales – Condominiums and Houses

Address Sold Price Beds Baths Sq Ft DOM Sale Date
483 Linfield Pl D * $450,000 1 1 812 6 02/21/20
483 Linfield Place A * $487,200 2 2 1009 1 02/17/20
7634 Hollister Ave 255 * $535,000 2 2 960 7 12/26/19
475 Reed Ct $950,000 4 2 1789 5 11/20/19

*indicates condominium

Median condominium sale price in the Ellwood area Jan.–Dec. 2019: $540,000 (up 5.0% in 2019) – 27 sales
Median home sale price in the Ellwood area Jan.–Dec. 2019: $898,750 (up 7.0% in 2019) – 13 sales

Thinking about selling? Now is the time to have your Realtor look at your home and advise the best “market ready” improvements that you can make. Get the highest return on the lowest cost items. Call me today for assistance!

Ellwood Real Estate Newsletter March 2020

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Many property owners look at their home's value on websites like Zillow, Trulia or Realtor.com, but can those valuations be relied on? These sites use Automated Valuation Models (AVMs), which have become more common but often don't reflect the true value of a...

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2017 Real Estate Reflection

For the greater Santa Barbara area (Carpinteria to Goleta) the number of single-family home sales rose in 2017 with about 5.7% more sales this year than last. The median price through November was $1,250,000, up 8.7% from 2016. Notably, twelve years ago (2005) saw the...

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Front Yard Patio Trend

Have you seen some front porch seating areas pop up in the neighborhood? They are a creative solution to drought tolerant landscaping and the blazing, late afternoon backyard sun. There are several other less obvious benefits to the front yard patio trend including...

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

State Law now allows homeowners of single family homes to add onto or incorporate into their homes a secondary dwelling unit that they can rent out. They are called accessory dwelling units, or ADUs for short. The state passed this law in an attempt to alleviate the...

2017 Real Estate Outlook

With the beginning of a new year there is often a renewed optimism in all things, not just real estate, and 2017 is proving to be no different. Year-to-date listing and sales activity is up over last year and sale prices are creeping up again slightly. Of course,...

2017 Word to Know: Surban

The term ‘surban,’ was coined at the 2016 REALTORS Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida by a panel of Millenials and Generation Z constituents. It refers to a new age of mixed-use, suburban developments increasingly preferable to not only the up and coming...

Even With Rising Home Prices, Homeowners Deciding Not To Sell

Even with rising home prices over the past few years, many homeowners who have considered selling are deciding not to because they are caught in an affordability squeeze that is compounded by a lack of inventory, according to findings from the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION...

Homeowners Caught In Affordability Squeeze Are Staying Put

Even with rising home prices over the past few years, many homeowners who have considered selling are deciding not to because they are caught in an affordability squeeze that is compounded by a lack of inventory, according to findings from the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION...

More on Drones in Real Estate

Market Update The Real Estate market is hot again with a low inventory of homes and condos for sale, low interest rates and hence multiple offers on many properties. There are fewer sales occurring due to the low inventory, so clearly we are in a sellers market. The...

Year-End Update & Drones in Real Estate

For the Santa Barbara MLS South Coast area through Octo- ber 2014: the number of homes sold had dropped 17% but median sold price of $1,160,000 rose 11% from 2013 levels. The condominium market likewise saw a decline in the number of sales of 7% but the median price...

Mid-Year Market Update & Drought Tips

Everyone keeps asking me if the market slowing down? Take a look at the pending sales in the grid below with special note to the days on market (DOM). With a couple of exceptions, most of the properties are selling in less than 10 days! Asking and sale prices are...

Hot Market … So What’s Next???

We all know that the housing market has come roaring back the past 24 months in the greater Santa Barbara area, so the real question is: What happens next? I attended an economic talk last week that covered some 70 charts, graphs, tables, and the like from Zillow, the...

Market Commentary

Dear Homeowner and Investment property owner, here is some“NEWS YOU CAN USE” about our local Real Estate Market: The seller's market is dominating in “Goleta South” (ocean side of the freeway) as buyers outnumber available properties by a wide margin: Number of sales:...

Short Sale, Bank Owned Houses Vanish

As sales have escalated and prices have risen the past 18 months, distressed properties have declined in number dra- matically. This has factored into the already low inventory of houses and condominiums we are currently seeing on the mar- ket. A quick look at the...

2013 Sales Starting Out Strong Prices Up—Inventory Down

2103 is starting out to be a very busy year for housing sales on the South Coast. We are already seeing higher asking prices, higher closing prices, and continued lack of inven- tory of homes to sell across all price ranges, single family homes and condominiums. The...

2013 California Housing Market Forecast

The California Association of Realtors housing forecast for 2013 as outlined in the article below reflects to a lesser degree what will happen in the Santa Barbara/Goleta area: LOS ANGELES (Oct. 2) – California’s housing market will continue to recover in 2013, as...

Moving Or Improving?

Reinvigorated market continues: The increased buyer activity in showings, pending, and closed sales has continued since the beginning of the year. Homes and condos are selling quickly, often with multiple offers at over the asking price. Prices continue to stabilize...

Consumer Home Price Expectations Continue Upward Trend

Ok, call it low interest rates, lower prices, pent-up demand, lack of rain, warm sunny days, consumer confidence, whatever you like, but the reality is that the public is out looking at real estate again like its 2005, and they are scooping up the lowest priced...

Ocean Meadows To Merge With Devereux Preserve

Without trying to sugarcoat the local real estate market, it’s not really all that bad. We are back to 2002-2003 prices for condos and houses. These prices make a lot more sense for homebuyers. Prices are now leveling out. For example, the sale price of the house...

Things People Say They Really Like About Living In The Ellwood Area

OK, we are three months into the new year now, so what’s going on with Goleta home sales and prices so far this year and what will the coming months look like for homebuyers and home sellers??? The first quarter statistics for 2011 are in the books, which is going to...

California Housing Market Forecast for 2011

CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® releases its California Housing Market Forecast for 2011:Small increases projected in home sales and median home price. LOS ANGELES – Home sales are expected to edge up slightly in 2011, according to the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF...

Real Estate Market Hotter Than You Think!!

All but one of the sales on these pages occurred within 30 days of the listing date! The buyers in today’s market recognize the low interest rate opportunity coupled with lower prices not seen since 2003-2004. As buyers have been watching the market the past 12 months...